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It is our mission at 550-FAST Home Buyers to achieve win-win transactions with every homeowner looking to sell their house quickly. It is our goal to make you a fair cash offer for your property so that you can move on in your life without having to worry about the details and common concerns of selling a property.

“Our fair offer allows you to sell your house ‘as is’ and close on the date of your choice”

What Exactly is a FAIR OFFER?

In order to understand what a fair offer is you must understand the common expenses of a real estate transaction. There is a difference between what price you are offered and what you “take home.” If you are selling your home and are offered 200,000.00 for your house you can be sure that what you clear is considerably less. When we make you an offer it is a NET offer. This way you know what you will be taking home from the closing table.

You Pay NO Realtor Expenses

When you sell a property with a real estate agent, there is a 6% of the sales price that is paid to the buying and selling side agents. So if you were to sell a home for 200,000 that is a 12,000 commission that is paid at the time of closing. Our offers do not include real estate agents so you do NOT have to worry about real estate fees.

You Pay NO Closing Costs

When we buy your house you will not have to pay our closing costs in order for us to enter into an agreement. It is now customary for sellers to pay the closing cost of the buyer as well sellers title insurance and other seller closing costs associated with a conventional real estate transaction. This can be anywhere from 3-4%. So in the example of the 200,000 purchase price this translates to another $6,000.00 to $8,000.00. Our net offers INCLUDE paying for all of the closing costs.

You Make NO Repairs

Once you enter into a real estate contract the next step is to schedule a home inspection. In this home inspection the inspector goes through your house with a fine tooth comb. It is the goal of the inspector to point out any items whether major or minor to the potential buyer. The buyer will then ask the seller to fix these items or walk away altogether. It is not uncommon for the checklist of the home inspector to cost anywhere from 2-10,000 to fix depending upon what he finds. Our offer to you is “AS-IS” so that means you do NOT have to FIX A THING.

You Have NO Long Closing Time Frames

One aspect of selling your property is the closing date. Conventional real estate transactions can take anywhere from 30-60 days to get to the closing table. The reason the long time frame is needed is because your potential buyer is getting financing. During this time you still are responsible for mortgage payments, taxes and insurance. It is also a possibility that the financing could fall through and leave you back where you started. Our offers are CASH so we can close in as little as 7 days if necessary.

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Benefits of Selling to a Cash Home Buyer?

Cash Offer

Moving is hard work, especially when you have to factor in all the frustrations that come with trying to sell your old house.

Who has time to hire a realtor, time the sale, and deal with strangers wandering through their home? 550-Fast Home Buyers takes pleasure in taking the hassle off of you and making selling your property as quick and painless as possible.

If you want to sell your house fast for cash and 100% stress-free, we have a solution!

Read on to learn more about the benefits that come with selling to a cash home buyer. If you have a property you want sold, we buy homes in any condition. Contact us for additional information to start the process.

How Does the Buying Process Work?

Whether you’re working with this real estate company in Jacksonville or one in Minneapolis, the process of selling to a cash home buyer is basically the same.

It usually begins with a phone call. This allows the buyer to get some basic information about the home. They’ll then do a little more research into the neighborhood to figure out an offer price.

After this, you’ll get a call with an estimate of what the buyer may be able to pay for your home. If you’re happy with the price, the buyer will probably plan a trip out to see the property.

Once the visit is complete, you’ll be able to move forward. Closings generally happen at an attorney’s office. This allows for more clarity and protects everyone’s best interests.

Why Sell to a Cash Home Buyer?

As you can see, the process is usually very straightforward. That simplicity makes selling to a cash home buyer appealing to a lot of people, especially those who are trying to get their house sold in a hurry.

Some other benefits that come with this approach include:

You Get All the Money from the Sale

When you sell your home to a cash buyer, you get to bypass all of the annoying closing and realtor fees that come with a traditional sale.

This means you get to keep the total amount of whatever the buyer offers you for your home!

Sales Happen Much Faster

The processing of selling to a cash home buyer is also much faster than trying to do a traditional sale with a realtor.

You don’t have to wait around for someone to take an interest in your home. And, you don’t have to worry about banks dragging their feet and preventing buyers from taking out a loan.

Usually, your home will be sold and you’ll have money in your pocket just a few days after you reached out to a potential buyer.

Sales are Less Likely to Fall Through

If you’ve ever sold a home before, you know how stressful it is to deal with a buyer who falls through at the last minute.

Sometimes, buyers find out they don’t qualify for a loan. Or, they just decide they don’t want your house anymore.

As long as you’re working with a credible cash home buyer, you don’t have to worry about them pulling out of the deal at the last minute. Once the cash is in your hands, it’s yours.

No Repairs are Needed

There’s also no need to do any repairs or deep cleaning to prepare your home to sell when you work with a cash home buyer.

These buyers take homes “as is,” and they really mean it. Buyers aren’t deterred by damage, foreclosure, or any other situation that can make a home difficult to sell.

If you’re not willing or able to put in the time and money needed to fix up your home before a sale, selling it for cash is the way to go.

How to Find the Right Buyer

There are lots of places you can look to find a cash home buyer. Some of the most popular options include:

Classified Ads

Lots of investors post their contact information online or in newspaper ads, so these are great places to start.

Real Estate Agents

Sometimes, a realtor can put you in touch with a cash buyer. If you go this route, keep in mind you may have to pay them a small fee for their help.

Hard Money Lenders

Some cash buyers work with hard money lenders to get the cash they pay to sellers.

If you’re in touch with any of the lenders, they can probably connect you with a buyer. They’ll usually be happy to do this, too, because it also brings them more business.

Things to Watch Out For

As with any business, not every cash home buyer is a trustworthy individual. There are some scammers out there, and you should definitely be on the lookout for them during your search.

In order to avoid working with a less-than-reputable person, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t Pay Anything Up Front
  • Don’t trust a buyer who asks for an “application fee” or any other kind of upfront payment.

In the real estate business, it’s typical for payments to come at the end of the deal. Anyone asking for money up front is probably scamming you.

Research the Company Online

If the buyer is part of a real estate company, do some online research to check out the company’s Better Business Bureau rating.

If there are reports of negative reviews or disciplinary action taken against the company, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

Be Wary of Buyers Who Don’t Want to See the House

Not always, but often, buyers who say they don’t need to see your house before buying it are scam artists.

They should want to evaluate the home before giving you an estimate, so proceed with caution if they’re not interested in this step.

Avoid Buyers Who Only Communicate by Email

It’s typical for conversations with potential buyers to take place over the phone.

If the buyer only communicates with you through email and doesn’t express any interest in actually seeing your home in person, this is another big red flag that they might not be credible.

Sell Your Home Today

Now that you know more about the benefits of selling to a cash home buyer, it’s time to start looking for the right one.

Keep our tips in mind and you’ll have no trouble getting cash quickly for your home.

Don’t forget to check out our real estate page to find the most recent ads from people looking to buy houses!


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Is there any risk, obligation or charge?

You have no obligation risk when selling to us. We will (at no charge, fee or commission) present you with a positive solution, agreeable for both of us.

How long may it take to close once I sign the agreement?

The closing date depends upon your unique situation, but in most cases we can close in ten days or less, it is up to you when we close. Just let our team know your date of choice and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Normally it takes the local title company a few weeks to process all of required paperwork. We do our best to work with your unique situation and timeline.

What if there are liens, taxes or judgements that need to be paid before I can sell my house and I'm unable to pay them?

If there are liens or judgements that you are unable to pay, just inform a member of our team in the initial consultation and we will work with you to try and figure out a solution. In many cases these fees can be take out your process at the time of sale.

When you say you pay cash, do you really hand me cash?

All real estate transactions have to be recorded by either the title company or a real estate lawyer. We handle the process from the time you sign the contract to the closing date. You will have the option of picking up your check at the local title company that handled the transaction or we can have the check couriered by a mobile notary to your home, or the title company can wire the funds directly to your account.

How do you calculate your offers?

Our team calculates a fair cash offer based on the market condition of your property (including any repairs that need to be made), and what the comparable properties are selling for in the area. A member of our acquisitions team will be assigned to your file and we will walk through the offer with you prior to sending it.